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Niels Ferdinand

Associate CSR expert

Niels is driven by a mission to leverage the power of the business sector as a vehicle for sustainable development.

With over 20 years in the consulting field, Niels has empowered numerous organizations on five continents to create positive sustainability impact. His areas of expertise include sustainability strategies, stakeholder engagement, mediation, climate change mitigation and adaptation, sustainable supply chain management, social standards and sustainable finance.

Niels leads various projects in developing countries focused on national Quality Infrastructure — including metrology, testing, standardization, certification and accreditation – all of which are critical for renewable energies, climate change monitoring and value chains, as well as for water and environmental management.

In 2007, Niels founded BSD Consulting Spain. He now leads a practice team that designs and implements strategies and practices to create long-term stakeholder value and is focused on achieving positive SDG impact. Niels is a certified trainer of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and is trained in the assurance of sustainability reports according to AA1000AS.

Niels speaks three languages (Spanish, German and English).